“Awesome show, authentic, and so much passion, best night out I have had in years, can’t wait for the next one, Thank you ‘Elvis and Trouble’”

“WOW!!!! You were outstanding, didn’t want the night to end. Just wanted to say that I thought “Trouble” was out of this world on Saturday!! I loved every minute of it!! And can’t wait to see you lot perform again, sadly won’t be able to make February gig but you were simply amazing”

“Fantastic from start to finish, Quality!”

“Amazing show loved every minute”

“His Passion is contagious I loved every minute”

“It was absolutely amazing and wish I hadn’t waited so long to get up and dance, best money we have spent in a long time, better than I could have imagined. I particularly enjoyed the vocals on In The Ghetto, Kentucky Rain and Burning Love, oh and Way Down. The whole show was more authentic and the band and backing vocals lift it above anything else I have seen. I enjoyed that you talked like Elvis between songs too.”

“You were amazing you did a fantastic job, the look, moves everything, the backing vocalist had a great voice and the musicians all looked the part, TROUBLE had it all and I am sure will be in demand. Don’t cry Daddy did it for me and I loved American Trilogy, you sang it perfectly.”

“Amazing, due to being born after his death I never got to witness the King…I definitely have now!”

“It’s Sick. love it. In the Ghetto was just AWESOME!”

“Fantastic!! Goose bumps and all, looking forward to more”

“I love Elvis and TROUBLE do him proud!!”

“Close your eyes and you’ll think its Elvis!”

“What a great time, you were Brilliant”